Employee Participation and Workplace Forums

What does this course achieve?

This course will be of interest to those considering setting up participatory structures and process in their organisations. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of both statutory and non-statutory options for participation. The course can be conducted over two or three days, to meet clients' needs.

Course outline

  1. Developing an understanding of employee participation
    1. The interests of the parties in participation
    2. The degree to which parties have common or conflicting interests in participation
    3. The concerns of parties about participation
  2. Statutory workplace forums
    1. The definition of a “workplace”
    2. Representation in a workplace forum
    3. Workplace forums and other forms of employee participation
    4. Representative trade unions and workplace forums
    5. The CCMA and workplace forums
    6. The constitution of workplace forums
    7. The election of workplace forum representatives
    8. Disclosure of information
    9. Functions of workplace forums including information sharing, consultation and joint decision-making
    10. The relationship between workplace forums and collective bargaining
    11. Resolving disputes in workplace forums
    12. Issues for information sharing, consultation and joint decision-making in workplace forums
  3. Statutory workplace forums and non-statutory employee participation compared
    1. The establishment of participative structures
    2. The representation of parties in participative structures
    3. The relationship between employee participation and collective bargaining
    4. The manner in which disputes are handled in each forum
    5. The levels at which participative forums function
    6. Disclosure of information
    7. The range and nature of issues dealt with in participative forums
    8. The manner in which issues are dealt with in each forum
  4. Considerations when setting up participative processes and structures
  5. Sustaining participative processes and structures

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