A Mediation Users' Briefing

What does this course achieve?

This meeting, arranged for Durban, will give potential users a clear understanding of mediation, and how it differs from arbitration and litigation. The benefits of mediation will be discussed and the types of cases that are suited for mediation will be identified. Participants will have an opportunity hear about how to select and appoint CD Direct mediators, and they will also be able to meet accredited Durban mediators.

Course outline

  1. Understanding of mediation and how it differs from arbitration and litigation; 
  2. Mediation video to illustrate the process, and show how parties and their representatives work with each other and the mediator to achieve a resolution to a dispute;
  3. Identify the benefits of mediation;
  4. The types of cases that are suited for mediation;
  5. How to select and appoint a CD DIrect mediator;
  6. Meet the mediators over a drink.

A Mediation Users' Briefing in Durban:

DATE: 17 October 2017

TIME: 16h30 to 18h30

VENUE: Garlicke & Bousfield Inc.

             7 Torsvale Crescent

             La Lucia Ridge Office Estate


COST: Free of charge

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