All of our learning programs, training courses and workshops have been designed using the Training for Learning methodology. This is an experiential approach to learning which is based on guided discovery and sound adult learning principles which make real learning happen. Such a methodology encourages participation and active learning throughout the learning process. During workshops, minimal use is made of PowerPoint and other audiovisual material that does not actively involve the learner in the “discovery” process.

Examples of methodologies employed during our workshops include:

  • Group work and presentation
  • Brainstorming and other methods for idea generation
  • Conceptual evaluation
  • Scenario analysis
  • Case studies
  • Quizzes and card exercises
  • Role-plays
  • DVDs are used in some courses to support the learning.

Each trainee receives a detailed workbook which contains all the course exercises and answers, as well as summaries of all the major learning points.

We focus on providing effective adult learning. The essential features of effective adult learning are that:

  • Learning is self-directed by the learner, with continuous guidance from the facilitator
  • The facilitator encourages learners to develop responsibility for their own learning
  • Prior experience and knowledge of learners is taken into account during the learning process
  • Learning has immediate application
  • The learning climate is adult friendly

Customised material design service

Each in-house training program that Conflict Dynamics conducts is preceded by a careful needs analysis with the client. Existing courses are adapted and updated, particularly to include the client's existing policies and procedures. Case studies, role-plays and exercises may be adapted to reflect the nature of the organisation's work and conflicts. It is critical that the materials delivered are relevant to the current reality of the participants and that they address the day-to-day challenges faced in the organsiation.

Conflict Dynamics can go further than this basic customisation however, by designing fully bespoke training courses for the client to purchase and train internally itself or have trained by Conflict Dynamics' trainers. Conflict Dynamics has designed such materials for a range of clients, including ABSA, ABI, SAB, Pick 'n Pay, the International Labour Organisation, amongst others. We have also recently designed a fully customised blended learning program for a client, which included e-learning as well as face-to-face skills development modules.

When designing fully bespoke materials, an in-depth information gathering process is undertaken with key stakeholders within the business to ascertain the nature of the business on the ground and the main “hotspots” which training needs to address (i.e. what needs to change). Specific examples of the day-to-day experiences of those who are to be trained are gathered in order to ensure that the learning material reflects the realities of the specific workplace and business environment. 

Once designed, the customised materials are either delivered within the business by Conflict Dynamics’ accredited trainers or a Train-the-Trainer program is offered to internal trainers from within the client, thereby enabling the client to take ownership of the training within the business going forward.

As trainers and learning material designers, our credibility and reputation depend on the ability to produce relevant learning from training. Without a level of guaranteed learning, there can be no payoff in the workplace, and the investment ends up as a waste of time and money. To achieve this requires a solid understanding of practical design techniques that can be used when formally developing learning programs, and this is what we offer.

Contact us for more information on how we could meet your organisation’s learning and development needs by developing a bespoke course for your organisation.