If there is no Performance Management... there is no business

05 July 2021

In any organisation, no matter the size, it is important to understand what your employees are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it. Without a system in place to define roles, understand individual strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback and reward positive behaviour, it is difficult for managers to lead their employees effectively. A solid approach to Performance Management is therefore essential for managing people effectively in order to achieve organisational growth and productivity.

Performance Management is a system and process for creating a work environment in which people can perform efficiently and effectively. It is a dynamic system that should be intentionally crafted within an organisation to measure, improve and reward the performance of the employees in that organisation.

Many organisations are understanding that management systems need to be brought into the new global working environment in order for the business to be competitive in the current market. As a result, more organisations than ever before are turning to performance management as a critical tool for success and growth. Previous one-dimensional performance rating systems, such as annual appraisals, are outdated and often decrease employee engagement and motivation. Instead, strategic performance management tools such as the Balanced Scorecard are increasingly being used as a performance metric to identify, improve, and control various business functions and resulting outcomes. Systematically evaluating individual and organisational performance against appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) has shown to be invaluable as a means of comprehensively managing and growing a business.

The purpose of performance management is to foster collaboration between employees and their managers and to give both managers and employees a clear and consistent system within which to work by developing clear job descriptions, expectations, and goals. This will allow for career development opportunities that increase employee engagement and develop leadership skills which in turn boosts productivity and improved organisational performance. It is imperative for employees to know and understand their own roles and responsibilities and how these fit into the “bigger picture” of the organisation. This creates a healthy, transparent, accountable and cohesive working environment.

In the South African context, in particular, effective performance management is essential. If there is no performance management, there is no business. If there is no business, there is further unemployment, poverty, inequality, and lack of economic growth.

In short, performance management is the oxygen required by any organisation for its survival and growth.  

Conflict Dynamics has developed a comprehensive training programme to equip managers and employees with the understanding, skills, and practical tools required to implement effective performance management within your organisation. The training is customised per client to include reference to the client’s particular performance management system, whether that be the Balanced Scorecard approach or any other. This training is offered either in person or via an online platform, depending on client preference. For more about the course click HERE Contact us for more information and to take a step closer to developing an effective performance management culture within your workplace.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Douglas Conant

- Robin Monakali and Vanessa Botha