If you don't ask you don't get!

09 August 2021

The evolving role women play at the workplace and at home makes it essential for women to exercise more control over their professional and personal lives, using negotiation skills as a basic survival skill. As women’s lives have become increasingly complex and business structures continue to change, negotiation skills have become a necessity.

Negotiating is critical for women, however, women often think twice before asking because their negotiation attempts are judged more harshly. Women tend to lag behind when it comes to negotiating because when women do engage in assertive negotiation, they face backlash as it is seen as inappropriate for women to behave assertively. This backlash emerges from unconscious gendered bias, as society has deeply ingrained expectations about gender roles and how men and women should behave and communicate.

In order to level the negotiating playing field, women are encouraged to lean in and to ask for what they want because if you don’t ask for what you want, you will not get it, and missing an opportunity to negotiate can significantly reduce your opportunities now and down the line. The ability to negotiate efficiently and effectively is a useful skill, not only in the workplace but also in personal relationships. From a simple decision on where to eat to asking for a raise or promotion, effective negotiation is essential to reaching a result that generates value for all the parties involved rather than a win-lose outcome.

Knowing the importance of negotiation is not enough. One must know the what, the why, and the how to negotiate. Conflict Dynamics has developed a comprehensive course to equip women negotiators with skills to engage and perform more effectively in negotiations to achieving more of what they want. If you would like to learn the negotiator language and enhance your negotiating skills, find out more HERE

“Now I realize that that’s one of the challenges that we have as women: We don’t negotiate for ourselves. We don’t negotiate hard.” ~ Michelle Obama

- Robin Monakali