The Law Society takes the lead in training lawyers on how to assist their clients prepare for and present in mediation

10 January 2012

It is anticipated that the rules for court-based mediation will be gazetted in March, and that they will then be piloted in five High Courts, namely S Gauteng HC, N Gauteng HC, Western Cape, KZN and North West. Besides the demand for good mediators, it is expected that there will be a demand for lawyers who understand mediation and can assist their clients to prepare for and present in mediation meetings. With this in mind Legal Education and Development (LEAD), the education division of the Law Society of South Africa has trained 12 lawyers who will in turn train many other lawyers to assist their clients in mediation. The train the trainer course was conducted by Conflict Dynamics in the second week of January 2012. The training material was designed by Conflict Dynamics.