Conference on dispute resolution in South Africa

24 May 2017

Join us at the Johannesburg Global Pound Conference to hear more about what Judges can do by way of judicial activism and case management to enhance access to justice in South Africa. It is not well known, but Brassey AJ in the South Gauteng High Court trial of Brownlee v Brownlee in Johannesburg (case number 2008/25274) has already imposed a costs sanction as a direct consequence of failure to mediate, comparable to what happens in other jurisdictions. READ MORE HERE

Conflict Dynamics and Bowmans are working together with other organisations involved in commercial dispute resolution, to host the Global Pound Conference in Johannesburg on the 29th June 2017.

The event will provide a platform for stakeholders in dispute resolution - users, lawyers and advisors, mediators, arbitrators, Judges and Government - to share their views on what needs to be done to develop 21st-century commercial dispute resolution tools in South Africa.

The outcomes of this local discussion will be compared and consolidated with the views of similar groups in 40 cities across 31 countries.