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Commercial Mediation ; a user's guide - reviewed

21 May 2013

Our book has received two reviews recently, both very encouraging.

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Comment on draft rules for court-annexed mediation

16 May 2013

John Brand and Felicity Steadman comment on the draft rules for court-annexed mediation in the Magistrates' Courts.

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Calling all commercial lawyers in South Africa - we want your views!

08 May 2013

In the light of the recently published draft mediation rules for court-annexed mediation in Magistrates'Courts, we want to hear your views.

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Draft voluntary court-annexed mediation rules

07 May 2013

The Department of Justice has issued new draft mediation rules for Magistrates Courts. It has invited comment to be submitted before the 22nd May. DiSAC is co-ordinatiing comment on behalf of the mediator provider community.

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