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Sharpen your Conflict Management skills

31 July 2019

Ensure that you understand conflict and have the tools necessary to manage such situations rather than fuelling them further. Conflict Dynamics’ one-day public workshop - Sharpen your Conflict Management Skills being held on 18th September 2019 - will focus on conflict in the workplace to assist you to understand how interpersonal conflict develops in the workplace and your natural conflict-handling style. You will learn the skills and processes necessary to manage this conflict and prevent or resolve disputes in an effective manner. There will be opportunities to practice processes to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations, and to problem solve in a participative manner.

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Essential Knowledge and Skills for Managing in a Unionised Environment

08 July 2019

When employers are approached by unions in the workplace, they have two basic options – they can resist, or they can co-operate. In the South African context, the political environment and the law make it practically very difficult to resist unions without seriously damaging consequences. Therefore, most employers choose to co-operate with unions in the workplace. However, doing so does involve some difficult challenges that, if they are handled well, can result in co-operation with a union being beneficial to an employer. Learn how to handle these challenges at our one-day workshop on 21 August 2019

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Employment Law Update

01 July 2019

The employment law landscape in South Africa is an ever-changing one. Join us for the forthcoming Employment Law Update to keep up to date on recent decisions in the CCMA and Labour Courts. The Update will be led by lawyers from the Bowmans' employment law department. The next update is being held in Johannesburg on 26th July 2019. To book READ MORE below

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