Sharpen your Conflict Management skills

31 July 2019

We are faced with conflict and violence daily. 

Recently, in one week alone 900 people were killed in gang-related violence in the Western Cape. Service delivery protests have become violent in Lenasia South, Ennerdale, Zakariyya Park, and Eldorado Park and even our leaders have unashamedly displayed violence as members of parliament physically confronted a minister during session. 

Small conflicts, tensions, and disputes arise daily in our lives – road rage, rude service providers, slapping or punching on the playgrounds, countless domestic violence attacks. Many of these conflicts are not reported or policed so it falls on us as citizens to manage them. The workplace, where we spend most of our time, also presents challenges: meeting huge targets adds stress, retrenchments heighten emotions, personality clashes with colleagues make work unbearable. How does one deal with these situations?

One way is to ensure that we understand conflict and have the tools necessary to manage such situations rather than fuelling them further. Conflict Dynamics’ one-day public workshop - Sharpen your Conflict Management Skills being held on 18th September 2019 - will focus on the workplace to assist you to understand how interpersonal conflict develops in the workplace and your natural conflict-handling style. You will learn the skills and processes necessary to manage this conflict and prevent or resolve disputes in an effective manner. There will be opportunities to practice processes to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations and to problem solve in a participative manner. BOOKING FORM

Marion Shaer

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