Mediation Skills for Managers and Shop Stewards

What does this course achieve?

This course offers managers and shop stewards alike, the opportunity to acquire basic skills to resolve conflict and rebuild relationships at work using a basic mediation process. It is well known that if conflicts between people in the workplace are managed close to the point of origin there is less chance that they will go on to manifest as grievances and disputes, which are often time-consuming and expensive. Workplace mediation is a particularly effective process for managing such conflict. The course can be conducted over two or three days, to meet clients' needs.

Course outline

  1. Understanding individual conflict management styles
  2. Distinguishing workplace mediation from mediation in other settings
  3. Communicating about mediation and the circumstances that are most appropriate for workplace mediation
  4. Working with process - understanding the stages of the mediation process, setting up the mediation effectively, meeting with the parties in preparation, opening the mediation and agenda setting, exploring the problem, problem solving, reaching agreement and closure, follow-up
  5. Working with people - reviewing essential communication skills such as building rapport, active listening, working impartially, managing emotion
  6. Working with problems - understanding positions, interests and needs, and win/win and win/lose outcomes in typical workplace conflict conflicts, including relationship breakdown, bullying and harassment, performance management, new working practices, organisational change, disputes within teams and between teams
  7. Guidance on setting up an in-house mediation scheme

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What participants say

"Well paced, liked the way it was built up - context, characteristics, applicability, etc."
- AFROX, Delegate

"Its a great course with many opportunities to practice skills learnt."
- AFROX, Delegate

"Great course, the timing is perfect as our company is going through a lot of changes and this tool can be used immediately."
- AFROX, Delegate

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