Mediator refresher session - reboot your mediation skills

What does this course achieve?

You might have attended your mediator skills training some time ago and yet have had limited opportunities to formally practice your skills. You might, in fact, be meditating regularly but find that it is a lonely pursuit and you would like the opportunity to debrief your practice. We are offering a one-day refresher session for you to reboot your skills and work through ideas to boost your mediation practice. The program will be facilitated by John Brand, Felicity Steadman and Marion Shaer.

Course outline

  • Debrief a recent CEDR mediation video
    • see how the mediator creates an environment conducive to mediation, and engages with each participant to develop communication and interaction with them;
    • watch what the mediator does to establish and maintain a safe and fair working structure, and manages the process actively working through each phases of the mediation;
    • learn about how the mediator works with the parties to broaden their perspectives, generate ideas and move towards a workable settlement, as well as faciltiate effective information exchange and actively assist the negotiation process.
  • Engage in role-plays to practice some of the skills demonstrated, and receive feedback from the course leaders on challenging moments in mediation.
  • Be amongst the first to hear the results of our 2016 mediator survey, and discuss the implications of these and other international trends for your mediation practice;
  • Work through practical ideas about establishing and building a meditation practice, with hints and tips on boosting your mediation career.

How do I find out more?

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What participants say

"Professional and, as always, at the forefront of the latest mediation skills and trends."
- Fred Meier, Chairman of the NBCRFI

"Hands-on and in tune with the real world."
- Janet Askew, Janet Askew Consulting

"This course consolidated my earlier learnings and provided me with more information. It was very useful."
- Reg Reynolds, Metaskills and Associates

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