Workshop on Sexual Harassment

What does this course achieve?

Join legal experts from Bowmans (Amanda Arumugam, Chris Todd Graham Damant, Karen Fulton, Lusanda Raphulu) and a mediation specialist from Conflict Dynamics (Marion Shaer), for a half-day workshop on the importance for employers of handling sexual harassment allegations in the correct manner.

Course outline

The allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein sparked a global conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace. In the wake of the Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo campaign there has been a surge of sexual harassment allegations against movie stars, politicians and business leaders. Increased awareness has resulted in significant legal, financial and reputational risks for employers who ignore or incorrectly handle sexual harassment allegations, not the least of which is a significant drop in share price.

Join us to hear from legal and mediation experts about:

  • case studies of actual matters and the legal challenges they presented;
  • whether sexual harassment disputes can be mediated and if so, how; and
  • how to proactively prevent and manage sexual harassment in the workplace from a legal perspective.

Limited to 40 delegates per workshop. 

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