Joint Union Management Negotiation Skills

This course aims to equip negotiators with skills that will enable them to negotiate effectively and achieve mutually satisfying outcomes. It has been very effectively run on a joint basis for members of union and management negotiation teams prior to negotiations. The course has also been conducted in commercial settings with suitably adapted case studies and role-plays. This course can be conducted over two or three consecutive days or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.


  1. Evaluate your current negotiation style and identify the obstacles to effective negotiation
  2. Explore the latest thinking about negotiation styles and strategies, including positional and interest based negotiation
  3. Learn about how to prepare for negotiation including conducting talks about talks and how to obtain mandates in a way that facilitates more effective discussions at the negotiation table;
  4. Understand the different stages of the negotiation process and how to deal with difficult people at the table;
  5. Identify the behaviours of successful negotiators and practice the communication skills that they use most frequently
  6. Bring all this newfound understanding and these skills together in a series of practical negotiation role-plays.

This course is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and is aligned to unit standard unit standard 119939 Conduct Negotiations in Labour mediation (NQF occupational qualification level 5, 6 credits).

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What participants say

"The trainers of the workshop were well experienced, subject matter experts and understand the industry."
- Anglo Platimun delegate, May 2013

"The workshop is very helpful to shop stewards and management for day to day interaction in order to sustain a good relationship."
- Anglo Platimun delegate, May 2013

"The exercises in the course were very helpful as they clearly explain the roles that both parties have to play to reach common goals in negotiations."
- Anglo Platimun delegate, May 2013

"The course was very helpful to us because some of the things we are doing in negotiations are failing us"
- Samancor Smelters delegate, May 2013

"The course was excellent – it helped build the mind in terms of engagement between parties"
- Samancor Smelters delegate, May 2013

"The workbook contained just enough material to assimilate - not too much information and very practical."
- Participant, African Copper Mining, Botswana, March 2013

"The workshop was interactive and I believe it was a good thing to have both mangement and the union in the same workshop. The trainer is very experienced in these issues and was able to relate and advise the attendees accordingly. "
- Participant , African Copper Mining, Botswana, March 2013

"As a first time negotiator I gained a lot from the trainer’s explanations and analysis”"
- BRT, 2012 course

"It was excellent because we can from now on work together to reach a win-win situation” "
- BRT, 2012 course

"The workbook will work as a manual or handbook that provides one with the necessary skills and techniques to enter into any form of negotiation”"
- BRT, 2012 course

"The workshop was very well presented and the tone was appropriate. It was presented in simple and easy to follow language and examples”"
- BRT, 2012 course

"It was able to change my mind set from a positional approach to interest based”"
- BRT, 2012 course

"The trainer was awesome and has an excellent knowledge about the topic”"
- BRT, 2012 course

"Very useful. I had almost zero knowledge on negotiation but with what I have learnt, I feel confident that I can do far more than I have been able to.”"
- Botswana National Labour Partners, 2012 course

"The trainer is very experienced and able to provide practical and relevant examples.”"
- Botswana National Labour Partners, 2012 course

"It was very informative and useful."
- Association of Arbitrators, Participant

"Excellent! Best workshop I have ever been to and at 56 I have been to quite a few."
- Association of Arbitrators, Participant

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