Conflict Management Skills for Interpersonal Workplace Conflict

This course will help you understand how interpersonal conflict develops in the workplace, and teach you skills and processes to manage this conflict and prevent or resolve disputes in an effective manner. You will practice processes to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations, and to problem solve in a participative manner. You will have an opportunity to complete the Thomas Kilman conflict style inventory and receive personalised feedback. This course can be conducted over one, two or three consecutive days or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.


1. The consequences of workplace conflict for the organization

2. Conflict management styles

3. The development of conflict

4. Effective systematic conflict management

5. Conflict management processes

6. Exploring outcomes in negotiation

7. Distinguishing positions from needs and extracting needs

8. Characteristics and typical language of positional and needs-based statements

9. Reframing

10. Identifying the behaviours of effective conflict managers

11. Building rapport

12. Effective listening

13. Paraphrasing

14. Using I statements

15. Use of questions

16. Preparing for "difficult conversations"

17. Assumptions, prejudice and stereotyping

18. Dealing with anger

19. Dealing with difficult people

20. The power of the positive 'NO'

21. The joint problem solving process

This course is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and is aligned to unit standard 114226 Interpret and Manage Conflicts within the Workplace (NQF occupational qualification level 5, 8 credits).

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What participants say

"This course was a 'game changer' for us, both in relation to our work lives and outside of work."
- Delegate, Nestlé East London 2018

"A most valuable course - wish I had the oppurtunity of doing it years ago!"
- Delegate, PEPPS College, Sept 2017

"Interactive, practical and applicable to all situations in life."
- Delegate, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

"Invaluable input for anyone leading & managing others. The course has provided me with some tools that I have been looking for, such as knowing how to ask the right questions to understand what is really happening in a conflcit situation. Professionally and personally enriching and empowering. "
- Delegate, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

"Conflict management is an integral part of life and the knowledge and skills I have learnt on this course have been empowering and will stand me in good stead in the years to come. "
- Delegate, Roedean Junior School, Sept 2017

"A brilliantly effective course that provides you with the tools to assist you on your journey towards resolving conflict. A great presenter."
- Delegate, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

"Very practical - not only theoretical. Went beyond the usual material used for Conflict Management courses."
- Delegate, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

"An interactive and memorable course. Great examples, effective group processes and excellent material. I was left feeling stimulated and empowered with a variety of tools to use in my own job as well as to empower my staff. Outstanding!"
- Tracy Laubscher, Teacher, St. Mary’s DSG Kloof, May 2017

"The time flew! At no stage was I looking at my watch. An incredibly useful workshop which will definitely make my life easier. "
- Sandy Sagar, Teacher, Epworth School, May 2017

"An extremely valuable course. I like the practical ideas and loved the interaction with like minded people. "
- Michelle de Beer, Teacher, Highbury Preparatory School, May 2017

"Excellent course, very valuable, lots of practical tips given that can be used in the classroom. Highly recommended. "
- Lara Plotts, Teacher, Highbury Preparatory School, May 2017

"This course was magnificent. It made me look critically at myself, as a person and a manager, and how I contribute to the wellness of my staff. I definitely see myself as being a better manager, especially in relation to conflicts, that affect my staff and fellow colleagues in my organisation. "
- Zane Pienaar, Transnet Group Capital. April 2017

"Recognising that relationships are a currency in any workplace environment, this course is a must."
- Jane Thupana, Municipal Demarcation Board. April 2017

"Very informative and can help anyone who lacks this skill. "
- Delegate from , Boxmore. April 2017

"The trainer made excellent use of storytelling to drive points home and make them memorable."
- Nestle, Delegate July 2014 course

"I found the course very useful and insightful. The examples felt real and good discussion was generated."
- Nestle, Delegate July 2014 course

"The trainer has an excellent knowledge base about the topic with valuable and relevant examples,"
- Nestle, Delegate July 2014 course

"I really liked the pace and extent of the content covered."
- Nestle, Delegate July 2014 course

"The trainer was excellent. She knows what she is talking about."
- Royal Bafokeng Platinum Mine, Delegate May 2014 course

"The workbook is very useful - something that you can always refer back to."
- Royal Bafokeng Platinum Mine, Delegate May 2014 course

"I highly recommend that every supervisor in the mining industry should attend this course."
- Royal Bafokeng Platinum Mine, Delegate May 2014 course

"The course was insightful and educative"
- Royal Bafokeng Platinum Mine, Delegate May 2014 course

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