Employment Equity Committee training and understanding the EEA

Develop a thorough understanding of the Employment Equity Act, including the roles and responsibilities the Employment Equity Committee has for the implementation of the Act's purpose and provisions. This course can be conducted over one or two consecutive days or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.


  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose and challenges of the Employment Equity  committee  
  3. Test your knowledge of the Employment Equity Act
  4. The legislative framework
  5. Employment Equity Act
    1. Purpose of the Employment Equity Act
    2. Prohibition of unfair discrimination
    3. Obligation to take affirmative action measures
    4. Affirmative action measures that must be implemented
    5. Obligations on designated employers
    6. Employment Equity Committee
    7. Employment Equity plan 
    8. Phases of the Employment Equity Plan
    9. Appropriate steps
  6. Discrimination
  7. Affirmative action
  8. Duties of a designated employer
  9. Consultation
  10. Role and responsibilities of the Employment Equity Committee and committee members 
  11. Closure

This course is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and is aligned to unit standard 13952 Demonstrate a Basic Understanding of the Primary Labour Legislation that Impacts on a Business Unit (NQF occupational qualification level 4, 10 credits).

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What participants say

"The workshop provided me with the opportunity to reflect on the most critical and important aspects of the EEA.”"
- Tenova, September 2013

"It has refreshed my knowledge of the Employment Equity Act and the duties of the committee and mine as a member.”"
- Tenova, September 2013

"The workshop was very informative”"
- Tenova, September 2013

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