Mediator Meetings

Mediator Meetings are held for accredited mediators to get together to hear about recent developments in the field of mediation, both locally and internationally. The Meetings are also an opportunity for mediators to hear from interesting speakers about pertinent subjects which will add to their knowledge and skills as mediators, and an opportunity to practice skills. At least four Mediator Meetings are held each year in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Each meeting is two hours long, followed by an opportunity for networking over drinks and canap├ęs.


Our mediator meetings in 2018 have focused on a number of topics, including:

  • Dr. Barney Jordaan, the highly regarded South African mediator and academic, spoke on: A multi-faceted role for mediators in civil and commercial disputes: implications for practice and mediator training.

  • Sharing experiences of recent mediations and facilitations, in particular, the facilitation by Conflict Dynamics' facilitators of the annual wage negotiation in the Bargaining Council for the Civil Engineering Industry Bargain covering more than 100 000 employees.

  • Rob Watson spoke on on Decision Making in Mediation – research findings and the implications for practice.

  • We hosted a roundtable discussion for mediators in the Durban area to share experiences of setting up mediation services and discuss ways in which they can co-operate to develop the use of mediation in the region.

Our next event takes place in Cape Town on 17 October 2018, which coincides with international Mediation Week 2018. We are hosting a roundtable discussion for mediator provider and training organizations, and mediators in the Western Cape to share our experiences of the various mediation projects being undertaken in the province and to discuss how to, together, promote the use of mediation.

Dates and Venues: 

Cape Town - 17 October 2018 - Bowmans at 22 Bree Street Cape Town

Johannesburg - 15 November 2018 - Bowmans at 11 Alice Lane Sandton

Cost: FREE for members of CD Direct and R287.50. (inclusive of VAT) for other mediators.

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