Masterclass on Negotiation Skills for Professional Women

Whether you are on the Board or just embarking on your career, whether you are negotiating on your own behalf or as an agent for your principal - there is always scope to improve your negotiation skills. This is an invaluable opportunity to explore the challenges you face as a negotiator in a confidential setting and receive feedback and insights from experts and your peers. This course can be conducted over one or two consecutive days or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.


Are you a great negotiator for your clients but find it harder to negotiate for yourself? 

According to Harvard Business Review, women are frequently penalised for negotiating on their own behalf, yet men are admired for it – a phenomenon described as the “social cost” of negotiation for women.

A study by Carnegie Mellon University found that 57% of male MBA students negotiated to improve the terms of their first job offer but only 7% of female students did so. 

This can lead to what Sheryl Sandberg, author of 'Lean In', describes as the “Tiara Syndrome”. Symptoms include:

  • keeping your head down
  • doing excellent work
  • hoping that the right people will notice and put a tiara on your head.

As she says: “Hope is not a strategy!”

Are you one of these women? If so, it could be having serious implications for your career.

In this lively, interactive Masterclass you will learn about:

  • The challenges women typically face when negotiating for themselves, and for others;
  • The phases of the negotiation process and how to take others along with the process;
  • How to balance your natural style with the styles of other negotiators;
  • Effective preparation of positions, needs and interests, and most importantly alternatives to a negotiated agreement;
  • Opening the negotiation and how to cultivate your 'negotiator presence' by getting your voice heard in a way that is respected and acted upon;
  • Exploration and how to generate effective options to bargain over;
  • Using assertive strategies while bargaining, without being accused of being 'aggressive'.

The Masterclass includes a combination of expert input, case studies, exercises, and discussion.

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What participants say

"Liz and Felicity are deeply committed to the advancement of women and extremely knowledgeable about the challenges women face. Their balance of seriousness, vulnerability and humour in their training makes it very valuable. "
- Amanda Lamond, Director Centre for Integrative Law and LWOLELA

"Make time for this course!"
- Nadine Fourie , Goodman & Wynn

"The course was liberating with powerful life changing tools."
- Maria Georgiou,

"Empowering for women."
- Adela Bootha,

- Sue Peiser, CEO Peiser Connections

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