Collective Bargaining Skills for the New Accord and Code of Good Practice

This course in intended to build the capacity of negotiators for effective collective bargaining in terms of the New Accord and Code of Good Practice. The course is conducted over two days and is ideal for joint union-management groups of delegates.


  1. Negotiation in the context of the New Accord and Code
  2. A negotiation process model for the Accord and Code
    1. Experiencing the negotiation process - role-play
    2. Challenges to effective negotiation and collective bargaining - case study
    3. The impact of the negotiation process on negotiated outcomes
    4. Approaches to negotiation
    5. Exploring outcomes in negotiation
    6. Exploring approaches to negotiation
    7. Understanding positional and needs-based negotiation
    8. Creating value and claiming value - adopting a balanced approach
    9. The negotiation process
  3. Preparing for negotiation in terms of the Accord and Code
    1. Formulation of proposals for bargaining and obtaining mandates
    2. Disclosure of information
    3. Preparing and submitting proposals
    4. Analysis of alternatives to agreement as part of preparation 
    5. Pre-negotiation meetings
    6. Use of a facilitator
  4. Opening the negotiation and exploring - creating value
    1. Strategies for making effective proposals
    2. What are you exploring?
    3. How are you exploring?
    4. Opening the negotiation and exploring - role-play
  5. Bargaining and concluding - claiming value
    1. Moving from exploration into bargaining
    2. Exchanging offers and proposals effectively
    3. Why deadlock occurs and what to do about it
    4. The significance of alternatives to a negotiated agreement
    5. Generating options and bargaining - role-play
    6. Finalising agreement or confirming deadlock

This course is accredited by the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) and is aligned to unit standard unit standard 119939 Conduct Negotiations in Labour Mediation (NQF occupational qualification level 5, 6 credits).

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