Managing Diversity in the Workplace and Harnessing its Benefits

We live in a diverse country and in a diverse world. We all work with people who are different from us, whether it be differences of race, age, gender, language, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, class, etc. These differences can pose challenges for some people and lead to conflict. They can also create fertile ground for creativity and growth of individuals and organisation. An awareness of our unconscious bias and acquiring skills in managing and positively exploiting difference is important. This course can be conducted over a few consecutive hours or over one day or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.


  1. Conflict in the workplace 
    1. Its causes and its consequences 
    2. Emotional responses to being excluded or offended 
  2.  Bias, assumptions, prejudice and stereotyping 
    1. Unconscious bias and blind spots 
    2. What about cultural differences? 
    3. Measuring our bias and the bias of others 
    4. Ways of countering bias 
  3. Building rapport, body language, mirroring and matching 
  4. Active listening skills 
  5. Separating positions from interests 
  6. Managing emotion     
  7. Slowing down and using an effective problem-solving process to manage conflict and harness the benefits of diversity in the workplace

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