Legal and Organisational Requirements for Corporate Reorganisation and/or Retrenchment

In the current tough economic times, corporate reorganisation and retrenchments are unfortunate realities. This course will equip you as a line manager to be able to manage your staff through a fair and proper corporate reorganisation process. Those exposed to this training will become familiar with the basic legal requirements for carrying out corporate reorganisation, redeployment and/or retrenchment in a fair and proper manner, the substantive and procedural requirements for fair retrenchment in terms of the Labour Relations Act, case law relevant to corporate restructuring and the lessons that can be drawn from such cases, and best practice during consultation over, and implementation of, a corporate restructuring process.


  1. Difficulties with corporate reorganisation, redeployment and/or retrenchment 
  2. Understanding the processes involved in a corporate reorganisation that may lead to redeployment and/or retrenchment
  3. Valid reasons for dismissal in terms of the Labour Relations Act
  4. Fair retrenchment
    1. LRA Section 189 – Important provisions for managers
    2. Case study
    3. LRA Section 189A – Important provisions for managers
    4. Regulations for Conduct of Facilitations in terms of Section 189A
    5. Code of Good Practice on Operational Requirements
    6. BCEA Section 41 (Severance Pay) – Important provisions for managers
  5. Creating a consultation template
  6. Retrenchment case study
  7. Case law 

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What participants say

"Very informative, explained some difficult course material in an accessible way."
- Nestlé Delegate, August 2018

"There are no words that can describe the joy and unsurmountable knowledge I got from this course! Thank you for the energy and impact Jashree showed."
- Anthea Hannie, HR, Nestlé, August 2018

"Fantastic! Excellent learning with strong relevance and brilliantly facilitated."
- Nestlé Delegate, August 2018

"Very informative. The course content was easy to follow and the facilitator was knowledgeable and provided great insight."
- Nestlé Delegate, August 2018

"Very relevant to what our organisation is going through."
- Nestlé Delegate, August 2018

"Very informative on best practices and case law. "
- Nestlé delegate, August 2018

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