Conquer the Common Hurdles in Preparing for and Presenting Cases in Disciplinary Enquiries

Instituting disciplinary action, when necessary, is a key responsibility of every line manager. This includes the task of initiating (preparing for and presenting cases in) formal disciplinary enquires. It is also incumbent on all HR and ER Practitioners to be able to guide and support managers in such matters. Even seasoned professionals in this area are often caught out by the common hurdles and pitfalls which can be encountered when preparing for and presenting a case in a disciplinary enquiry.


Join us for this one day course, during which we will explore the following potentially challenging areas involved in preparing for and presenting cases in disciplinary enquiries:

  • Investigating suspected misconduct;
  • Disciplining shop stewards;
  • Formulating an appropriate and provable charge;
  • Sourcing, choosing and presenting appropriate evidence which fully supports the charge against the employee;
  • Strategising the substantive elements of the case in preparation for the enquiry;
  • Preparing witnesses appropriately and adequately prior to the enquiry;
  • Presenting a cohesive and convincing case in the enquiry;
  • Factoring relevant case law into the presentation and argument of the case.

 Who should attend?

  • Line managers
  • HR and ER practitioners/managers/specialists
  • Employee representatives
  • Shop stewards

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