Building a mediation practice

13 June 2014

We have trained many mediators over the years. Starting in the late 1980's we trained labour mediators for IMSSA, the CCMA and the ILO. Since 2007 we have been training mediators for a broader range of disputes, particularly commercial disputes. We have conducted this more recent training with the endorsement of CEDR in the UK, and we were recognised by CEDR in 2012 when we were awarded the ADR Trainers' Award. There seems no end to the demand for good international recognised mediator training, and people attend our course for many different reasons. We hear from past delegates that the skills acquired on the course prove useful in their professional and personal lives. We also hear how difficult it is to get work as an aspirant mediator. At the close of our courses we discuss how to go about building a practice as a new mediator and make suggestions about how to do this. One suggestion is to find a niche, and the niche that is most obvious is your existing professional network. Over the past few weeks Conflict Dynamics has offered training for accredited mediators in skills to mediate WORKPLACE DISPUTES and MEDICO-LEGAL DISPUTES. The feedback from delegates who have attended these sessions is uniformly excellent. If you have an idea for training in a particular niche please let us know and let's work together to develop the field of mediation. 

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