Understanding and Harnessing Diversity in the Workplace

Why Attend?

No organisation is an entirely homogenous entity, and no two employees or individuals are the same. Working with people who are different from oneself can be difficult and even challenging. Many attempts at having conversations around diversity, inclusion, and transformation fail because those involved and engaging in these conversations do not have the necessary skills, language and capacity to identify, confront and interrogate the relevant issues, despite their best intentions. This unique one-day workshop gives participants the methodological framework, vocabulary, and skills necessary to identify and explore the undeniable richness that exists in diversity in all its manifestations, including, race, gender, culture, language, values, beliefs, ability and age, amongst others. (NOTE – emphasis can be placed on any of the areas which the client feels are most relevant, e.g. race). The participants will gain an insight into how they can break through barriers, including negative attitudes and behaviours, to transform as colleagues and celebrate the strengths and benefits to business that come from diversity.

Main Topics

  1. Opening
    1. Purpose and introductions
    2. Creating a safe and conducive space
  2. Understanding diversity and transformation
    1. Contextualising the past in the present
    2. Understanding social justice in the context of organisational transformation
    3. Defining diversity, discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping
    4. Understanding our differences
  3. Exploring the dynamics of diversity, power and privilege at the personal, interpersonal and organisational level
  4. The workplace environment
    1. Attitudes and behaviours in the workplace
    2. Why and how to reasonably accommodate diversity in the workplace
  5. The business case for managing diversity
    1. Benefits
    2. Approaches and strategies
    3. The role of policy and procedure
    4. Legislative imperatives (e.g. EEA, SDA, Preferential Procurement Act, BBBEE Codes)
  6. Framework for working with issues of diversity and inclusion
    1. The importance of dialogue on diversity and inclusion
    2. The concept of connecting the head, heart, and hands in driving Diversity and Inclusion
  7. Key lessons learned
  8. Closing