Methodology and Customisation



All of Conflict Dynamics’ courses and workshops employ a powerful adult learning methodology in order to bring about real performance change and active skills development.

While our courses and workshops usually take place on a face-to-face basis we are also able to adapt them for remote teaching using secure online platforms so that the participants and the facilitators can maintain social distance and interact in the safety and comfort of their homes or offices. We can provide an online platform for use with clients or work with clients to use their existing platform.

We design our learning materials using the Training for Learning approach - an experiential approach to learning which is based on guided discovery and sound adult learning principles which make real learning happen. Our focus is solidly on learning, rather than training.

Training for Learning is based on extensive research carried out on how adults learn. This research was conducted over many years and across multiple continents. The result is a learning approach and methodology that is structured enough to ensure that identified learning outcomes are met, yet flexible enough to allow learners to draw from their own experience and understanding via facilitated debates and discussion around new concepts and principles that must be learnt.

The strength of the methodology lies in its practical value and application. Using the methodology, we produce learning material that is simple (but not simplistic), user-friendly and which gets to the heart of what needs to be learnt and understood in a profound, meaningful and also enjoyable way.

Our learning materials and processes encourage participation and active learning throughout a course or workshop. Minimal use is made of PowerPoint and/or other modes of presentation that do not actively involve the learner in the “discovery” process.

As a training provider, our credibility and reputation depend on the ability to produce relevant learning from training. Without a level of guaranteed learning, there can be no payoff in the workplace and the investment ends up as a waste of time and money. To achieve this requires a solid understanding of practical design techniques that can be used when developing our learning programmes, and this is what we offer.




Conflict Dynamics offers a customised / bespoke training material design service to its clients.

Information gathering is done with key stakeholders within the client’s business to ascertain the nature of the business on the ground and the main “hotspots” that training needs to address (i.e. what needs to change). Specific examples of the day-to-day realities that are grappled with by those who are to be trained are gathered in order to ensure that the learning material and process reflect the realities of the client’s specific workplace and business environment. We then ensure that the required knowledge and skills are developed through an appropriate learning methodology i.e. the most effective and appropriate “thinking” processes, given the content to be learned.

Conflict Dynamics has designed customised/bespoke training materials for a range of clients, including the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Absa, Pick n Pay, Anglo American Coal and others.

Once designed, the customised materials are either delivered within the business by Conflict Dynamics’ accredited trainers or a Train-the-Trainer programme is offered to internal trainers from within the client, thereby enabling the client to take ownership of the training within the business going forward. Contact us for more information on how we could meet your organisation’s learning and development needs by developing a bespoke course for your organisation.