With 30 years' experience in South Africa and internationally, our diverse team is the preferred partner to those wanting to manage conflict effectively.

Our goal is to achieve a society in which people, workplaces, and organisations are skilled in negotiation, conflict management, and dispute resolution, by:

  • Presenting training courses and workshops on employment relations, conflict management, and dispute resolution-related topics, which are of high quality, cost-effective, learner-focused, and go above and beyond the standards of the National Qualifications Framework and international best practice.

  • Conducting dispute resolution processes for parties in conflict and disputes, which are of high quality, cost-effective, and conform to local and international standards of service delivery, including confidentiality.

  • Advocating for appropriate dispute resolution in South Africa, and in other countries.

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How to Prepare Effectively for Collective Bargaining
23 June 2022 - 09.00 to 17.00
How to Participate Effectively in Collective Bargaining
30 June 2022 - 09.00 to 17.00
Rule 41A and Mediation Advocacy for Lawyers
12 July 2022 - 09.00 to 17.00

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Recent Blogs

Uniform Rule 41A (Mediation as a dispute resolution mechanism)

Marion Shaer met with representatives of the Rules Board and of the Department of Justice to discuss their views on how Rule 41A will facilitate more effective access to justice in the Magistrates and High Courts.
25 May 2022

Weaponizing Rule 41A

I recently had a conversation with an attorney who has been in litigation practice for a good 10 years. With me being a mediator, our conversation eventually turned to Rule 41A. I asked how this Rule was impacting her practice. She was quick to respond that everyone has now adapted to the new Rule.
24 May 2022

Rule 41A: The Promise of Mediation and the Role of the South African Courts

The true value in mediation is in the techniques that mediators use to trigger fissures in the impasse of a particular dispute, and the intrinsic bias towards a fair result. Measures to encourage disputants to use mediation should emphasize the character of mediation as a technique suitable for a particular dispute; ie mediation as a professional intervention possessing role-specific attributes.
23 May 2022

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Thank you for an insightful course and imparting the skill and knowledge required to effectively mediate medical negligence and personal injury disputes.

- Gerrie van der Watt, Mediator, Oct 2017,

Mediating Medical Malpractice Claims - A Workshop for Accredited Mediators FACE TO FACE
Conflict Dynamics’s training has enabled me to confidently practice as a commercial mediator.

- Serai Herbst, Executive Director, May 2017,

Commercial and Court-Referred Mediator Skills - CEDR AWARD WINNING FACE TO FACE

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Conflict Dynamics is a supporter of the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change and has signed the Mediators Green Pledge along with many of our colleagues in South Africa.