With 30 years' experience in South Africa and internationally, our diverse team is the preferred partner to those wanting to manage conflict effectively.

Our goal is to achieve a society in which people, workplaces, and organisations are skilled in negotiation, conflict management, and dispute resolution, by:

  • Presenting training courses and workshops on employment relations, conflict management, and dispute resolution-related topics, which are of high quality, cost-effective, learner-focused, and go above and beyond the standards of the National Qualifications Framework and international best practice.

  • Conducting dispute resolution processes for parties in conflict and disputes, which are of high quality, cost-effective, and conform to local and international standards of service delivery, including confidentiality.

  • Advocating for appropriate dispute resolution in South Africa, and in other countries.

Conflict Dynamics is 51% black female-owned and 100% female-owned, making us a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 2 contributor.

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How to Prepare Effectively for Collective Bargaining
21 May 2024 - 09.00 to 17.00
Commercial and Court-Referred Mediator Skills - INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED
27, 28, 29 June & 1 – 2 July 2024 - 08.30 to 18.00

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An Employer’s Failure To Take Every Disciplinary Hearing Seriously Can Be Costly

Discover how overlooking the gravity of disciplinary hearings can be a costly misstep for employers. In her article, Hilda Grobler explores the ramifications of insufficient preparation and errors during the disciplinary process. From potential CCMA interventions to the intricate nuances of arbitration, Grobler lays out the pitfalls employers must navigate to avoid detrimental outcomes. Learn why meticulous preparation and adherence to fair procedures are paramount to sidestep costly disputes and maintain workplace harmony.
18 Apr 2024

Nip it in the Bud: Early Intervention Strategies for Workplace Conflict

This article offers a pragmatic approach to handling workplace conflict, by recognising warning signs, taking timely action, and fostering open communication and active listening, this guide equips managers and employees with strategies for resolving conflicts constructively.
16 Feb 2024

Conquering the January blues: practical strategies for empowering your employees and embracing 2024

The holiday season has passed, and the new year now stretches before us with its promise of fresh starts and ambitious goals. However, for many employers, January can also be a time of challenges. Employees may be returning to work lacking enthusiasm, and the pressure to hit ambitious growth targets can feel overwhelming, therefore making it difficult for the business to hit the ground running.
24 Jan 2024

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This course was very practical, insightful and interactive.

- Catherine Mowat , Delegate , ISASA

Conflict Management Skills for Teams and Groups in the Workplace FACE TO FACE

Sep 2019

A practical and comprehensive mediation course, expertly delivered with great care and attention to detail.

- Greg Schreiner

Commercial and Court-Referred Mediator Skills - INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED FACE TO FACE

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Conflict Dynamics is a supporter of the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change and has signed the Mediators Green Pledge along with many of our colleagues in South Africa.