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Our vision is to achieve a society in which people, workplaces and organisations are skilled in negotiation, conflict management and dispute resolution.

We do this by:

Our courses and workshops are conducted both on an in-house basis and as public courses. Conflict Dynamics' trainers receive consistently excellent feedback from delegates. The world-class standards of Conflict Dynamics training were recognised in 2012 when the Conflict Dynamics Commercial Mediator Skills training course received the CEDR ADR Trainer's Award in the UK. Conflict Dynamics has accredited over 500 mediators to world standards. 

Conflict Dynamics offers accredited mediators, many of whom are also able to provide services as facilitators, chairpersons of enquiries and investigations, and negotiation or mediation coaches for a wide range of disputes, through its CD Direct service. CD Direct is accredited by the South African Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council.


"The trainer has an excellent knowledge base about the topic with valuable and relevant examples,"

- Nestle, Delegate July 2014 course

"The workshop was interactive and I believe it was a good thing to have both mangement and the union in the same workshop. The trainer is very experienced in these issues and was able to relate and advise the attendees accordingly. "

- Participant , African Copper Mining, Botswana, March 2013

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Employment Equity - the big stick is coming and employers can no longer run or hide!

02 Sep 2019 - "“Employment Equity – 20 years down the line, a marginal movement to diversity” “Transformation lagging in private sector, minister calls for crackdown on culprits” “BMF creates legal fund to take on companies violating Employment Equity laws” “Big employment equity shake-up as government looks to speed up transformation”"

Language and Conflict

12 Aug 2019 - "I recently returned from a wonderful three-week cycling tour in France during which I savoured its cuisine and marvelled at the beauty of its countryside. Although conflict, negotiation and mediation should have been far from my mind, it wasn’t. I kept being reminded about the role of communication and language in dealing with people and conflict."

Sharpen your Conflict Management skills

31 Jul 2019 - "Ensure that you understand conflict and have the tools necessary to manage such situations rather than fuelling them further. Conflict Dynamics’ one-day public workshop - Sharpen your Conflict Management Skills being held on 18th September 2019 - will focus on conflict in the workplace to assist you to understand how interpersonal conflict develops in the workplace and your natural conflict-handling style. You will learn the skills and processes necessary to manage this conflict and prevent or resolve disputes in an effective manner. There will be opportunities to practice processes to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations, and to problem solve in a participative manner. "

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Understanding the Nature & Benefits of Mediation in the Resolution of Medical Disputes 16 & 30 November 201 - 17 Oct 2019