Conflict Dynamics Empowerment Trust

The Conflict Dynamics Empowerment Trust was established in April 2021 to empower and train Black women and Black youth by advancing education and training in conflict management and dispute resolution, and to promote conflict resolution, reconciliation, mutual respect, and tolerance between the various peoples of South Africa.

The Trust is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO), a registered public benefit organisation (PBO), and has been granted Section 18A status. Amongst other things, this means that donations to the Trust will be tax-exempt for the donor.

The Founding Trustees are:








Our first projects are starting to take shape. They are:

  • A schools-based conflict management and mediator skills programme, called the Peacemaker Project
  • A project to introduce young people in the legal profession to the appropriate use of ADR processes in their professional endeavours, called Young Mediators. 

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