Beyond Disciplinary Processes: Rethinking Workplace Dynamics
15 April 2024
Chris Todd (Partner at Bowmans Law and member of the Conflict Dynamics Panel) delves into the evolution of disciplinary processes in the workplace, discussing how workplace the approach to discipline has shifted radically over the past three decades to an adversarial tribunal-like process.
Workplace engagement: Maximising the potential of RBOs
07 March 2024
Tune in to a discussion between Siham Boda and Attwell Kokeletso "Ace" Magogodi, an accomplished expert in Employee Relations, Conflict Management, Leadership Coaching, and more. In this episode, Ace sheds light on the underutilisation of Relationship Building by Objectives (RBO) and offers insights on maximizing their potential.
Navigating Social Justice in the Workplace
26 February 2024
Vanessa Botha and Siham Boda speak about workplace Social Justice, from racism to gender discrimination and mental health. They navigate the complexities and offer insights on fostering inclusivity and productivity.
In conversation with Sharon Wakeford
16 November 2023
Siham Boda talks with Sharon Wakeford about her experience as a mediator over the past year and hears about her aspirations for 2024. Sharon's practice has evolved from labour management disputes in South Africa to disputes in other countries and also within the UN and the World Bank.
Mental Health in the Workplace
02 October 2023
Siham Boda discusses Mental Health in Workplace with Dr Tony Davidson and occupational therapist Karen Theunissen.
Challenges Faced by Women Negotiators
03 August 2023
Siham Boda and Felicity Steadman speak about the challenges women negotiators typically face.
How to prevent mistakes from being made in the disciplinary process
15 June 2023
Vanessa Botha speaks with Jayshree Moodley and Hilda Grobelaar about the typical mistakes that managers make in disciplinary hearings.
The difference between mediation and facilitation
24 April 2023
Both mediation and facilitation are consensus-based processes, where the parties determine the outcome with the assistance of a neutral and impartial third party. There are significant differences too.
The value of conflict management and dispute resolution training
28 February 2023
John Brand and Felicity Steadman discuss the value of conflict management and dispute resolution training
Managing Mental Health in Mediation
23 November 2022
Felicity Steadman talks with Dr Angela du Plessis about mental health and mediation.
What is investor-state mediation all about?
25 October 2022
A conversation with Wolf von Kumberg
A conversation with intercultural specialist - Milton Bennett
17 September 2022
Felicity Steadman talks with Milton Bennett about intercultrual sensitivity.
Reflections of a mediator and facilitator
23 August 2022
Marion Shaer, Conflict Dynamics Director, speaks with Mahamed Rajah about current trends in collective bargaining. This podcast is a key resource for representatives in collective bargaining.
Women who Lead in Dispute Resolution
15 August 2022
Felicity Steadman talks to women who lead and have led dispute resolution organisations in South Africa.
Harassment Awareness-Raising workshops
22 June 2022
Vanessa Botha speaks with Amanda Chetty, Senior Employee Relations and Legal Specialist for the Development Bank, about the Workplace Harassment and Bullying workshops.
The Power of Costs Orders in Encouraging Mediation
24 May 2022
Tony Allen and Felicity Steadman discuss the power of costs orders in encouraging mediation in civil courts in England and Wales.
Collective Bargaining and Gender Equalities at work
22 April 2022
Felicity Steadman speaks with Susan Hayter of the ILO about how trade unions and management can address gender inequalities in the workplace.
Back in the Mediator Skills Training Room
13 April 2022
Marion Shaer and Ebrahim Patelia talk about what it was like to be training mediators face-to-face for the first time in nearly two years.
The role of the Ombud in a University
14 March 2022
Zetu Makamandela-Mguqulwa was the Ombud at UCT for 10 year. Marion Shaer talks with her.
Mental Health for Mediators
09 February 2022
Felicity Steadman and Angela du Plessis discuss why is important for mediators to understand mental health
Why lawyer Chwayita Mathiso decided to add mediation skills to her lawyer skill set
13 December 2021
Listen to lawyer, Chwayita Mathiso, explain why she decided to add mediation skills to her lawyer skill set.
Conflict at Work
18 November 2021
BBC host Evan Davis of The Bottom Line asks Felicity Steadman and guests how best to resolve disputes between colleagues at work.
Mediating Sexual Harassment Disputes
03 October 2019
Marion Shaer, a director of Conflict Dynamics, discusses mediation and how can it assist in cases of sexual harassment.
Andrew Levy on the background of Economic Literacy Training
16 March 2017
Authors: John Brand, Andrew Levy and Sarah Levy.
Q&A Five experienced mediators answering practice questions and dilemmas
27 July 2016
Steven Walsh QC, Moira Jenkins, Michael Lang, Barbara Wilson, John Brand, facilitated by Fiona Hollier.
702's John Robbie interviews John Brand on Marikana
27 July 2016
John Brand, John Robbie
John Brand being interviewed on The Money Show by Bruce Whitfield - 'The Science of ADR'
26 July 2016
John Brand, Bruce Whitfield