Conflict Management Skills for Interpersonal Workplace Conflict

Why Attend?

This course will help you understand how interpersonal conflict develops in the workplace and teach you skills and processes to manage this conflict and prevent or resolve disputes in an effective manner. You will receive tips and techniques and practice the skills required to manage conflict effectively. You will also learn how to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations and to problem solve in a participative manner. There will also be an opportunity to complete the Thomas Kilman conflict style inventory and receive personalised feedback. This course can be conducted over one, two or three consecutive days or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.

Main Topics

  1. Responses to conflict
    • Typical responses to workplace conflict
    • The consequences of workplace conflict for the organisation
    • Individual conflict management styles
  2. The path of conflict
    • The development of conflict over time
    • Approaches to conflict management
    • Conflict management processes
  3. Outcomes in conflict management 
    • Exploring outcomes and approaches in conflict management
    • Distinguishing positions from needs
    • Characteristics and typical language of positional and needs-based statements
  4. Practicing conflict management skills 
    • Tips for identifying needs
    • Reframing positions to needs
    • Building rapport using mirroring and matching
    • A range of active listening skills
  5. Preparing for 'difficult conversations' and managing difficult people
  6. The role of assumptions, prejudice and stereotyping in generating and perpetuating conflict
  7. Dealing with anger and managing emotion
  8. A joint problem-solving process

Course feedback

  • The course was very insightful. I learnt a great deal that I can apply in the workplace.

    Sep 2021
  • The workshop was enlightening, empowering and excellent. 

    Clive Solomon
    Sep 2021
  • A must for every citizen of South Africa as it can assist to build good relations at work, home and in the community.
  • An intense, very exciting and yet profound training session.
    Deputy Director
  • This course was a 'game changer' for us, both in relation to our work lives and outside of work.