Economic Literacy for Collective Bargaining

Why Attend?

This training, offered in association with Levy Africa, will help you transform your labour relations and navigate your company through the challenging economic climate. It will empower employees, supervisors and managers with a common language and understanding of how the company and the economy function. The methodology used is innovative and enjoyable, making it highly accessible to all potential participants, as well as a great team-building tool. The training is customisable and modular, to meet clients' needs.

Main Topics

What is economic literacy? An intuitive understanding of how a company makes money and the constraints placed on a company, including a working knowledge of what drives profitability and cash flow, a market-focused approach to the business on a microeconomic level, and an overall big-picture understanding of the business.

On this course you will learn:

  1. How the economy works;
  2. About the constraints placed on a company by the economic context;
  3. How a company makes money;
  4. How the actions, attitudes and decisions of the employer AND the employees impact the business.

The training can be tailored for:

  1. Joint management and union negotiation teams as part of negotiation preparation;
  2. A company-wide industrial relations intervention to transform the labour relationship; 
  3. A post-strike intervention to rebuild trust and re-establish communication.


John Brand comments on a key benefit of Levy Africa Network's economic literacy training.

Andrew Levy comments on the importance of holistic approach to education and literacy.