Managing Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Why Attend?

We all find ourselves having difficult conversations from time to time, whether they are in our working lives or in our personal lives. This course will give you an understanding of what is going on in conversation and will equip you to manage the unexpected as well as the scheduled conversation. There are opportunities to role-play and to practice. The course can be conducted in a face-to-face or online format.

Main Topics

  1. Elements of a difficult conversation
  2. A framework for difficult conversations
    1. Preparation
    2. Opening
    3. Exploration
    4. Problem-solving
    5. Conclusion
  3. Styles in conflict management
    1. Personal conflict management styles
    2. Moving from style to strategy
  4. Active listening and other core communication skills
  5. Preparing for difficult conversations
    1. Using a preparation outline
  6. Opening a difficult conversation
  7. Moving from delivering a message to having a conversation