Managing Discipline, Performance and Disciplinary Enquiries Online

The workshop is conducted online in three 90-minutes modules with screen breaks in between sessions. 

Why Attend?

If you are one of the many managers or supervisors who are currently responsible for managing employee discipline and/or performance remotely or tasked with initiating or chairing online disciplinary hearings, this workshop will equip you to carry out these responsibilities online (remotely) in an appropriate and fair manner.

Main Topics

  1. Contracting appropriately for remote work
  2. Providing appropriate support and guidance to employees who are working remotely
  3. Diagnosing and dealing appropriately with performance problems in remote working situations
  4. Holding a counselling session online with an employee to address performance problems
  5. Dealing with misconduct and/or inappropriate behaviour of employees working remotely
  6. Issuing disciplinary warnings online
  7. Ensuring fair procedure and proper protocol prior to an online disciplinary hearing:
    1. Guidelines for interviewing witnesses and taking statements remotely
    2. Gathering other relevant information prior to an online hearing
    3. Notifying the employee of the hearing and charge/s via an online meeting
    4. Disclosing evidence prior to the online hearing
  8. Key aspects of preparation prior to an online hearing:
    1. Strategising the case for online presentation
    2. Final selection and preparation of witnesses online
    3. Preparing documents and other evidence for delivery at an online disciplinary hearing
    4. Logistics checklist – equipment, internet connectivity, etc.
  9. Presenting a case in an online disciplinary hearing in a manner that proves the charge against the employee on a balance of probabilities.
  10. Considerations for chairing an online hearing appropriately and fairly, avoiding prejudice to either party.