Managing Poor Work Performance and other Forms of Incapacity

Why Attend?

This is an invaluable course for any manager who may be faced with managing employees who are performing poorly on the job or who are unable to meet their contractual responsibilities due to other forms of incapacity. The training will empower participants to implement and monitor a performance improvement process with poorly performing staff in a fair manner and in line with the requirements of South African Labour Law and Company Policy and Procedure. Discover the importance of setting appropriate job expectations in a collaborative manner with subordinates and the value of conducting regular performance discussions with subordinates. In addition, develop an understanding of the principles of substantive and procedural fairness when contemplating dismissal for poor work performance. The course will also provide practical insight into dealing with other forms of incapacity in terms of South African Labour law and Company Policy and Procedure, including ill health or injury and challenges such as incompatibility, incarceration and others.

Main Topics

  1. Reasons for workplace incapacity
  2. Distinguishing between misconduct and incapacity
  3. Sources of information and guidance for managing poor performance and incapacity
    1. Labour relations act – schedule 8 – code of good practice: dismissal
    2. Case law – CCMA and labour court
    3. Company policy and procedure
  4. Managing poor performance
    1. Avoiding poor performance
      1. Job expectations
      2. Goals
      3. Performance review discussions
    2. Analysing and diagnosing poor performance
      1. Possible causes of performance problems
      2. Considerations for training
      3. Guidelines for working through a performance problem with an employee
      4. Guidelines for giving effective feedback
      5. Key interaction skills
    3. Preparing for an incapacity hearing
  5. Managing incapacity due to ill health/injury
  6. Other forms of incapacity
    1. Lack of statutory qualification 
    2. Incarceration
    3. Incompatibility

Course feedback

  • Very important for all Line Managers to attend, to refresh and also to reflect on informed decisions to be made.

    Sep 2020
  • This training was very good and I think it must be made available to all new managers as they enter their new roles or are promoted into line manager positions. I wish I had received this training earlier in my career.

    Sep 2020
  • Thank you Conflict Dynamics. This training was valuable. Very clear and specific. Flow was good and lots of interaction.

    Sep 2020
  • It was a wonderful programme. I feel we need more programmes like this, as a form of a reminder for all the leaders in the business, that we need to do more than just be managers. It was refreshing, I really enjoyed it.

    Sep 2020