Natural conflict, Natural resolution - MEDIATOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Why Attend?

This Mediator Professional Development session looks at what we as dispute resolution practitioners can learn from nature.

Why nature? According to research, being in nature helps us think and see in new ways. It helps us reflect at a personal and professional level, and also examine our place in the greater natural context. The African bush, in particular, presents rich insights into how we behave and provides new learnings that we can apply in practice.

Join Barney Jordaan and Steve Hall, who work with leaders in the African bush context, as they share their views on the connections between the natural environment and human behaviour.  Barney and Steve will share some inspirational stories from nature and provide guidance on how conflict resolvers can manage parties and themselves more effectively.

Main Topics

  • What is conflict? Understanding what it is creates a frame of reference through which we can develop strategies for dealing with it;
  • Should we manage conflict or our reactions to it?
  • How the subtle and less subtle signals we send to others or receive from them influence our thinking, feelings, and behaviors;
  • The link between our propensity for dealing with conflict (avoidance, competing, collaboration, accommodation, and compromise) and Nature’s strategic responses to it;
  • The nature of power;
  • Conflict as a system;
  • What we can learn from Nature about communication; and
  • How to move from binary, ‘either-or’ ways of thinking to non-binary, ‘and-and’ thinking; and
  • Why Nature provides the perfect venue for talking about our conflicts with those we are in conflict with

DATES: 6 March 2024

TIME: 14.00 to 17.00


PRICE: R1 132.50 including VAT (FREE to members of the CD Panel of mediators)