Negotiation Skills for Collective Bargaining

Why Attend?

Faced with the current challenges of the South African industrial relations climate, be able to prepare for your negotiations in a strategic manner, negotiate pragmatically and enhance the outcomes achieved. This course is intended to build the capacity of both employer and union negotiators for effective collective bargaining. The course can be conducted on a joint basis for members of both union and management negotiation teams prior to negotiations. This course can be conducted over two or three consecutive days or in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.

Main Topics

  1. Approaches to negotiation
    • Challenges to effective negotiation and collective bargaining
    • Exploring outcomes in negotiation
    • Understanding positional and needs-based negotiation
    • Creating value and claiming value - adopting a balanced approach
  2. A negotiation process model
    • Phases in the negotiation process
    • The mandating dynamic
  3. Preparing for negotiation
    • Using a structured approach to preparation
  4. Opening the negotiation and exploration - creating value
    • Opening the negotiation with presence
    • What and how to explore
    • Skills for effective exploration - active listening, paraphrasing, reframing, the use of questions
    • Generating options
  5. Bargaining - claiming value
    • Strategies for making effective offers and proposals
    • The significance of alternatives to a negotiated agreement
    • Managing emotion
    • Why deadlock occurs and what to do about it
    • Ideas for breaking apparent deadlock
  6. Finalising agreement or confirming deadlock

Course feedback

  • We write to thank you once more for such a wonderful job you did by facilitating our training. The delivery of the training was exceptional, coupled with a very passionate, confident, and knowledgeable facilitator. It is on that basis that we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for having been part of such an experience. We are pleased to let you know that parties were able to conclude the 2022 salaries and benefits negotiations within schedule. It is a first for us to have done that without deadlocking and assistance by a third party. There was renewed energy, passion, and commitment, this time around, to apply the skills and tactics acquired from the training.


    Mere Molonda
    Nov 2021
  • Practical, relevant and factual. Straight to the point.
  • Thought provoking and inspirational.
    Shabir Khan
  • Relevant to my skill of negotiating as a union rep. It was eye opening and educational.
  • The trainer is very experienced and able to provide practical and relevant examples

    Botswana National Labour Partners
    Jan 2012