Skills for Chairing Effective Meetings

Why Attend?

This course will equip you to chair and participate in meetings. These skills are useful for DE&I Forums, Workplace Forums, and Employment Equity Committees. This course is conducted over one day or can be offered in a modular format to meet clients' needs. It can also be customized for the particular needs of the organization.

Main Topics

  1. Identify the obstacles to effective meetings

  2. Understand the minimum requirements for an effective meeting

  3. Preparing an agenda

  4. Opening a meeting with confidence

  5. Managing the agenda and conducting a participative meeting

  6. Dealing with objections and difficult people and behaviours

  7. How to close a meeting and manage the follow-up and feedback after and between meetings

  8. Demonstrate effective behaviours at a meeting, including active listening and reacting appropriately to emotions and anger