The Employment Equity Act

Why Attend?

This course will enable you to develop an understanding of the purpose and provisions of the Employment Equity Act and thereby assist you to avoid potentially costly mistakes in terms of discrimination against current employees and/or job applicants. You will also gain a basic understanding of the requirements of the Act pertaining to affirmative action. The course can also be conducted in a modularized format, to meet clients' needs.

Main Topics

  1. Context, purpose and application of the EEA
  2. Prohibition of unfair discrimination
    • What is unfair discrimination?
    • Grounds for fair discrimination
    • Equal pay for work of equal value
    • Medical testing
    • Psychometric testing
    • Resolving disputes concerning alleged unfair discrimination
  3. Affirmative Action
    • Designated employers and the designated group
    • Duties of a designated employer
    • Affirmative action measures
    • Employment Equity Plan
    • Reporting
    • Income differentials
  4. Monitoring and enforcement of the EEA