Workplace Mediator Skills for Accredited Mediators

Why Attend?

This one-day workshop has been designed for accredited mediators who wish to extend their repertoire with skills to mediate workplace disputes. Workplace mediation is suitable at an early stage in a conflict between people who work together and where there is still potential for a future working relationship. The mediation process is somewhat different from that taught on commercial mediation courses, and the skills required are far more relationship and problem-solving oriented. This workshop presents a good opportunity for practicing mediators to collect continuing professional development credits. 

Main Topics

  1. Where workplace mediation fits in the cycle of conflicts and disputes
  2. The differences between workplace mediation and mediation in other contexts
  3. The phases of mediation
  4. The benefits of workplace mediation
  5. The circumstances favouring its use
  6. The issues suitable for workplace mediation
  7. The steps in a typical workplace mediation process
  8. Mediating team and multi-party conflicts
  9. Marketing yourself as a workplace mediator

Course feedback

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much that is relevant to my work.

    John O'Leary
    Apr 2021
  • Great practical tips to this growing segment of conflict resolution. I'm glad I attended.

    Apr 2021
  • An authoritative exposition of workplace mediation and its place in the mediation universe. 

    Chris Todd
    Apr 2021
  • Great course that whilst uses the normal mediation structures and processes, shows the different approach and skill set needed to mediate in these, more often than not, highly emotionally charged disputes.

    Rob Holmes
    Apr 2021