Conflict Management Skills for Schools and Universities

Why Attend?

Conflict Dynamics has extensive experience training conflict management skills in schools and universities. Educational institutions have unique challenges in relation to conflict. The relationships between educators, learners, parents, administrative staff and representative bodies can be complex and fraught with a myriad of tensions, including diversity and inclusion related issues. Equipping these stakeholders with conflict management skills will prevent conflict from flaring into disputes, and strengthen interactions in staff, student and employee forums and in the management of complaints, grievances and discipline. 

Main Topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Responses to conflict
    1. The consequences of conflict
    2. Conflict management styles
  3. The conflict dynamic
    1. The development of conflict
  4. Approaches to conflict management
    1. In effective and effective approaches
    2. Conflict management processes
  5. Outcomes in conflict management
    1. Exploring outcomes in conflict management
    2. Distinguishing positions from needs
    3. Characteristics and typical language of positional and needs-based statements
    4. Extracting needs
    5. Reframing
  6. Practicing conflict management skills
    1. Active listening skills
    2. Using I statements
  7. Dealing with difficult conversations
  8. Dealing with anger
  9. Reflection and proposals for the way forward
  10. Course evaluation

Course feedback

  • An excellent course equipping staff with the necessary skills to negotiate very real situations that are encountered on a daily basis.

    Mrs D.A Pillay
    Mar 2022
  • The Conflict Dynamics course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills I needed to effectively deal with conflict and build better relationships with my colleagues and learners.

    Mar 2022
  • This needs to be rolled out across the board in schools if we want to change the ethos of violence and breeding a new generation.

    Popsy Pillay
    Mar 2022
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It has certainly given me a new perspective on dealing with conflict situations with parents, teachers and learners.

    K. Naicker
    Mar 2022
  • A course that is much needed and should be held at all schools. Very professionally conducted. Would welcome more of such workshops. Thank you.

    N.S Singh
    Mar 2022