The Relationship-by-Objectives (RBO) process
28 October 2021
Employment relationships carry inherent conflict, but at the same time demand cooperative endeavour if the organisations in which they are enshrined are to deliver to their purpose, and as a consequence deliver to all who work in them, invest in them, and rely on them for what they do.
- Mark Anstey
Advanced Negotiation Skills for Mediators
25 October 2021
Unfortunately, parties preparing for mediation are often not given much guidance by their lawyers on what mediation is or on these questions. Indeed, lawyers often do not have much mediation experience and have not spent time developing a negotiation strategy for mediation.
- Felicity Steadman
RAF and Mediation Advocacy
12 October 2021
Come and learn how to approach RAF mediation as a plaintiff or defendant attorney.
- Danie Weideman
Rule 41A and Mediation Advocacy
22 September 2021
The increasingly strong stance of the Courts in ensuring compliance with that Rule 41A means that even more cases will in the future be mediated. Most legal practitioners will at some point have to participate in mediation and will have to understand how to best to represent their parties in mediation proceedings.
- Hendrik Kotze
If you don't ask you don't get!
09 August 2021
As women’s lives have become increasingly complex and business structures continue to change, negotiation skills have become a necessity.
- Robin Monakali
If there is no Performance Management... there is no business
05 July 2021
A solid approach to Performance Management is essential for managing people effectively in order to achieve organisational growth and productivity.
- Robin Monakali and Vanessa Botha