Court Annexed Mediation Update
05 November 2014
Read more about which Magistrates Courts are participating in the court annexed mediation pilot project, and about mediator fees, standards and norms.
Risk assessment in commercial mediation
15 September 2014
Read John Brand’s presentation on risk assessment in commercial mediation made to the recent conference of the Family Mediators' Association of the Cape. Why is risk assessment important? Some risk assessment terms.
Court-annexed mediation - another step closer
05 August 2014
Comments invited on the Minister's proposed mediation accreditation norms and standards.
CEDR mediation audit 2014 - read about practice in the UK
28 June 2014
The recent CEDR survey results provide an interesting read on the trends in mediation in the UK over the past year. New South African mediators are encouraged to read on.
Lessons from Marikana and the platinum strike
26 June 2014
In the aftermath of the resolution of the platinum strike John Brand has been asked to talk about lessons learned from the strike and from the conflict at Marikana.
The Future of Collective Bargaining in South Africa - time for a different approach
25 June 2014
John Brand spoke this week at the Knowledge Resources Industrial Relations Conference on the topic "The Future of Collective Bargaining in South Africa - time for a different approach".
Medico-legal mediation
23 June 2014
John Brand and Barney Jordaan recently addressed the Bayer Dermatology Weekend Conference in the Western Cape and Gauteng about the opportunity that mediation offers for the effective resolution of medico-legal disputes.
Building a mediation practice
13 June 2014
Build your mediation practice by finding your niche and becoming enterprising. Let us know if we can assist.
Medical negligence claims and the value of mediation
16 April 2014
Experts say that South Africa is facing a medical negligence crisis. What can we do to ameliorate this crisis, and resolve the attendant conflicts? Have the human and material costs of medical malpractice spiraled out of control? How do we deal with and respond to misdiagnoses, the supply of wrong medication, leaving surgical swabs or instruments in patients during surgery, faulty hip replacements, etc.
Violence and rivalry in collective bargaining in South Africa
20 February 2014
John Brand presented a paper at the 2014 FEDUSA Conference on the problem of violence and collective bargaining in South Africa. Against the backdrop of violent inter-union rivalry...
South African Institute of International Affairs 2014 Mining Indaba
04 February 2014
John Brand presented a paper entitled 'Resolving labour tensions in African mining – the effective regulation of industrial democracy' at the 2014 SAIIA African mining indaba.