Essential Services and the Implications of Minimum Service Agreements in the Public Service
06 November 2013
Strikes, all too often accompanied by violence, are common in essential services in South Africa. John Brand explores the implications of Minimum Service Agreements in dealing with this problem.
2013 Mediator Survey results
05 November 2013
The results of the 2013 CD/ACDS mediator survey were presented at the mediator meeting held in Johannesburg on the 28th October.
Blending "classroom" learning with technology for effective skills transfer
19 September 2013
Conflict Dynamics has recently broken new ground by designing a learning programme consisting of a series of e-learning modules followed closely by focused skills development in a face-to-face workshop setting.
South African Law Reform Commission
13 August 2013
John Brand recently attended a meeting of arbitration experts at the South African Law Reform Commission to consider the Draft International Arbitration and Domestic Arbitration Bills.
Training Chevron Nigeria
13 August 2013
During August, John Brand spent 3 days in The Gambia in West Africa conducting a negotiation skills workshop for the union and management representatives on the Chevron Nigeria negotiation team.
Establishment of accrediation standards for a panel of environmental mediators
26 June 2013
Minister calls for comments on discussion document concerning standards for environmental mediators.
Commercial Mediation; a user's guide - reviewed
21 May 2013
Our book has received two reviews recently, both very encouraging.
Comment on draft rules for court-annexed mediation
16 May 2013
John Brand and Felicity Steadman comment on the draft rules for court-annexed mediation in the Magistrates' Courts.
Draft voluntary court-annexed mediation rules
07 May 2013
The Department of Justice has issued new draft mediation rules for Magistrates Courts. It has invited comment to be submitted before the 22nd May. DiSAC is co-ordinatiing comment on behalf of the mediator provider community.
Third party roles in the prevention and resolution of company – community conflicts in Africa
30 April 2013
Experienced African facilitators, mediators, and leaders of conflict prevention organizations came together from 21 to 23 February 2013 for an expert roundtable on third party roles in the prevention and resolution of company – community conflicts in Africa. They shared experiences and engaged in reflection with the goal of shaping a development agenda for third parties helping communities, companies and governments resolve differences, increase local benefits of business investment, and meet business needs.
Finalisation of the mediation rules
11 April 2013
We have heard from Raj Daya of the Rules Board that the mediation rules are have been finalised and that they are now being considered by the Chief Justice and the heads of Courts.
Felicity Steadman joins Court of Appeal panel of mediators
06 March 2013
Felicity Steadman has been appointed by CEDR as a mediator in The Court of Appeal in the UK. Mediation in the Court of Appeal applies to all personal injury and contract claims up to the value of £100,000 (£250k from April 2013) for which permission to appeal is sought and obtained (or adjourned).
Workplace mediation - a strategy for effectively managing conflict in the workplace
21 February 2013
Sharon Wakeford, a workplace and employment mediator, gave a presentation to clients of Bowman Gilfilan entitled “Workplace Mediation: a strategy for effectively managing conflict in the workplace”. Read about it below and see the PowerPoint slides in the Resources section of the website.
Should teachers have the right to strike
12 February 2013
There has been much in the news this past week on whether teachers should have the right to strike. Read about some of our views..