An absolute must, very practical and to the point.

- Dirk Scholtz

, Managing Consultant, Pro-Act

Oct 2016

Very practical learning with roleplays and coaching sessions. Got valuable, direct feedback. By the time I was finished, I felt equipped to be a mediator with the right skills and knowledge.

- Beki Ngwenya

, Consulting Director

, Beracah Consulting

Oct 2016

A practical and comprehensive mediation course, expertly delivered with great care and attention to detail.

- Greg Schreiner

, Environmental Scientist, CSIR

Oct 2016

I really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much. I feel my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of mediation. I feel enlightened and invigorated by the learning and will share positive feedback about this course and the trainers with all who will listen.

- Karin Livni, Repro Manager

, Highbury Safika Media

Oct 2016

Comprehensive exposure and training in the “Swiss Army” toolkit of mediation. Incisive, exploratory, versatile, effective.

- Roj Beigley

, Managing Director, Spirigent (Pty) Ltd

Oct 2016

This is the most user-friendly course I have ever attended.

- Rosecana Ankama

, Lecturer, Kaduna Polytechnic

Oct 2016

There is nothing that a man can learn that they cannot unlearn.

- Thabang Kheswa

, SAHRC course

Feb 2016

I have litigated for about 10 years. I got to a point where I convinced myself that litigation was the only way to resolve a dispute. Little did I know that all I was doing was simply standing in the way of real solutions to problems. I now know that litigation has little to do with conflict resolution and more to do with who wins and who loses.

- Delegate

Feb 2016

It is in allowing different views to emerge and find expression, that we are likely to find lasting solutions.

- Pura Mgolombane

, Manager: Diversity – Ethics & Social Justice - WITS

Feb 2016

Intense, informative, excellent. I recommend it for all attorneys.

- Jones Antunes

, Attorney – Fluxmans Attorneys

Feb 2016

As fascinating as it is demanding, as it is essential.

- Gawie Malan

, Director - Malan Scholes Inc

Feb 2016

The Gold standard in commercial mediation in South Africa. Takes mediation to a different level. You learn from the best.

- Jacqui O’Brien

, Owner – PAX Accredited Mediators

Feb 2016