An absolute must, very practical and to the point.

- Dirk Scholtz

, Managing Consultant, Pro-Act, Oct 2016

Very practical learning with roleplays and coaching sessions. Got valuable, direct feedback. By the time I was finished, I felt equipped to be a mediator with the right skills and knowledge.

- Beki Ngwenya

, Consulting Director

, Beracah Consulting

Oct 2016

A practical and comprehensive mediation course, expertly delivered with great care and attention to detail.

- Greg Schreiner

, Environmental Scientist, CSIR, Oct 2016

I really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much. I feel my eyes have been opened to the possibilities of mediation. I feel enlightened and invigorated by the learning and will share positive feedback about this course and the trainers with all who will listen.

- Karin Livni, Repro Manager

, Highbury Safika Media, Oct 2016

Comprehensive exposure and training in the “Swiss Army” toolkit of mediation. Incisive, exploratory, versatile, effective.

- Roj Beigley

, Managing Director, Spirigent (Pty) Ltd, Oct 2016

This is the most user-friendly course I have ever attended.

- Rosecana Ankama

, Lecturer, Kaduna Polytechnic, Oct 2016

An excellent understanding of how mediation works with real-life examples and role playing that brings mediation to life and empowers you as a mediator.

- Senior Associate

, Bowman Gilfillan Inc

Gaining a skill through practical learning and coaching.

- Shanta Vergothasamy

, Clyde Bergemann Africa (Pty) Ltd

You cannot put a cost to the value received = INVALUABLE OPPORTUNITY. To learn from the guru’s at this price is a bargain and I didn’t even have to negotiate.

- Ilena Power

, Advocate

John & Felicity made the theory come alive through drawing on examples of current practise. Their enthusiasm & passion for what they do is tangible and contagious as is their constant focus on learning and expanding their knowledge of their field.

- Jenny Bell

, Justice and Women JAW (NGO)

A thoroughly focused course that dealt handsomely with the topic and left me with a valuable resource.

- Neil Poynton

, Python HR & Labour Solutions

The course allows one to use instinctive tendencies at the right time. About timing!

- Zuraya Adhikarie

, Parliament Legal Services - Parliament

An enriching, stimulating learning experience.

- Diane Davis

, Advocate

Comprehensive content, well organised with appropriate and insightful role plays.

- Mervyn Malamed

, Positive Conflict Management

This course improves the finer detail of negotiation techniques and strategies so that the skills of the negotiator are enhanced.

- Veerash Srikison

, Mediator and consultant at Fair Pratice

A great deal of learning across two full days of insights, fun and practice - highly recommended!

- Angela du Plessis

, Mediator, Commissioner, Coach

I would highly recommend the course to anyone entering into negotiations with another individual or a group, the skills learnt here will completely change the game!

- Bill Thomson

, Attorney & ADR Specialist

, Chennells Albertyn Attorneys

I found the course to be stimulating and I enjoyed the practical relevance of the way in which it was presented. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course for aspirant negotiators seeking to learn more about the subject.

- Craig Burton-Durham

, Head of Legal Services

, Council For Medical Schemes

The course was most insightful and beneficial. It is what I have come to expect and enjoy from Conflict Dynamics.

- Vishnu Moodley

, Partner Vishnu Moodley & Company

The strategic negotiation skills course will improve our service offering as attorneys by honing our skills.

- Shaun Hangone

, Partner von Lieres, Cooper, Barlow and Hangone

This was a wonderful experience, to be exposed to the huge and extensive experience of John and Felicity in negotiation and around the world.

- Mark Turpin

, Consultant Kessels & Smit

Hugely beneficial, opens up a new concept in negotiations. Moving away from position-based to collaborative bargaining.

- Rob Pitchford

, Manager Purchasing, Contract Manufacturing and Production Planning at Inhep Electronics Holdings

Refocuses what you think you know and brings home how much you still need to learn or revisit. It was an excellent course.

- Gerard Mavian

, Group HR Manager Waltons

There is nothing that a man can learn that they cannot unlearn.

- Thabang Kheswa

, SAHRC course February 2016

I have litigated for about 10 years. I got to a point where I convinced myself that litigation was the only way to resolve a dispute. Little did I know that all I was doing was simply standing in the way of real solutions to problems. I now know that litigation has little to do with conflict resolution and more to do with who wins and who loses.


Feb 2016

It is in allowing different views to emerge and find expression, that we are likely to find lasting solutions.

- Pura Mgolombane

, Manager: Diversity – Ethics & Social Justice - WITS, February 2016

Intense, informative, excellent. I recommend it for all attorneys.

- Jones Antunes

, Attorney – Fluxmans Attorneys, February 2016

As fascinating as it is demanding, as it is essential.

- Gawie Malan

, Director - Malan Scholes Inc, February 2016

The Gold standard in commercial mediation in South Africa. Takes mediation to a different level. You learn from the best.

- Jacqui O’Brien

, Owner – PAX Accredited Mediators, February 2016