Constructive and practical.

- Director

, MH Mathonsi and Associates, Oct 2017

Very informative, well organised. Excellent faculty. Very privileged to have had Tony Allen.

- Delegate

, Oct 2017

Was able to grasp the nuances of medical negligence mediation – very worthwhile.

- Delegate

, Oct 2017

Well presented course on a process that is so needed in South Africa. I am so excited about the possibility that mediation presents.

- Delegate

, Oct 2017

Today reconfirmed my strong belief and commitment to mediation and it increased my confidence in the process but also my own ability. I feel even more ready!

- Susan Verhoef

, Susan Verhoef Occupational Therapists, Oct 2017

As always with Conflict Dynamics, the course was well structured, challenging and insightful.

- Peggy Vreken

, Director, Goodman & Wynn, Oct 2017

Exciting, dynamic and interactive.

- Delegate

, Oct 2017

Excellent course with the high standard of course material and trainers I have come to expect from Conflict Dynamics.

- Jacqui O’Brien

, PAX Accredited Mediators, Oct 2017

Mediation is the option to consider in conflict. Conflict Dynamics provided the skillset to exercise this option in a just and equitable fashion.

- Johan Jordaan

, Director, JL Jordaan Attorneys, Oct 2017

I thought that the course was excellent and the detailed role play instructions were appropriate.

- Stephanie Esterhuyse

, Of Counsel, Bowmans, Oct 2017

Absolutely excellent and so informative!

- Bill Thomson

, Mediator

Oct 2017

Thank you for an insightful course and imparting the skill and knowledge required to effectively mediate medical negligence and personal injury disputes.

- Gerrie van der Watt

, Mediator, Oct 2017

Stimulating, challenging and to the point. Tony is a wealth of information and experience in this particular field.

- Naëtt Atkinson

, Mediator, Oct 2017

A most valuable course - wish I had the oppurtunity of doing it years ago!

- Delegate

, PEPPS College, Sept 2017

Interactive, practical and applicable to all situations in life.

- Delegate

, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

Invaluable input for anyone leading & managing others. The course has provided me with some tools that I have been looking for, such as knowing how to ask the right questions to understand what is really happening in a conflcit situation. Professionally and personally enriching and empowering.

- Delegate

, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

Conflict management is an integral part of life and the knowledge and skills I have learnt on this course have been empowering and will stand me in good stead in the years to come.

- Delegate

, Roedean Junior School, Sept 2017

A brilliantly effective course that provides you with the tools to assist you on your journey towards resolving conflict. A great presenter.

- Delegate

, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

Very practical - not only theoretical. Went beyond the usual material used for Conflict Management courses.

- Delegate

, St. Andrew's School for Girls, Sept 2017

Excellent first glance at mediation. I now have much more confidence in the potential of mediation.

- Delegate, MacRobert Attorneys

, Oct 2017

Stimulating, informative and interactive.

- Rotondwa Mulaudzi

, MacRobert Attorneys, Oct 2017

Very informative. Good practical experience. Can see how it definitely could be implemented in corporate and non-medical negligence cases.

- Helen Coetzee

, Candidate Attorney, MacRobert Attorneys, Oct 2017

Excellent course for those wanting to know more about medical malpractice mediation. Extremely practical.

- Boitumelo More

, MacRobert Attorneys

Oct 2017

A very interesting and helpful explanation of the process & benefits of mediation. The shared focus on practical & theoretical elements really helps to put things into an understandable perspective.

- Hickley Hamman

, Associate, MacRobert Attorneys, Oct 2017

Excellent teaching. A very stimulating learning experience.

- Simon Attwell

, Manager, Freeground Records, Oct 2017

Very practical course, not only in terms of skills required for mediation but a lot of skills that I can immediately put into practice in other areas too.

- Claire Kolbe

, Director

, Recro Business Consulting

Oct 2017

It was tough and very stimulating. I am keen to learn more.

- Stephanie Esterhuyse

, Of Counsel, Bowmans, Oct 2017

It was well worth the time and commitment. I have learnt and acquired some life changing skills that I cannot wait to put to good use. Very exciting!

- Anonymous

, Member

, Companies Tribunal

Oct 2017

Highly recommended course of the highest standard.

- Dr Lente van der Merwe

, Anesthesiologist, Oct 2017

Experience mind shifting mediation training.

- Francois Roux

, Business Owner, Triponza Trading, Oct 2017

Practical, relevant and factual. Straight to the point.

- Delegate

, Tongaat Hulett Starch, Sep 2017

Thought provoking and inspirational.

- Shabir Khan

, Tongaat Hulett Starch, Sep 2017

Relevant to my skill of negotiating as a union rep. It was eye opening and educational.

- Delegate

, Tongaat Hulett Starch, Sep 2017

Really very informative. Learnt much more than I knew before with regards to procedures and the law.

- Rajesh Manilall

, SC Johnson, March 2017

The course was very eye opening and informative. It helped us with a clearer understanding of our rights.

- Nthabiseng Charity Moema

, SC Johnson, March 2017

Marvellous opportunity to learn from the UK experience.

- Herman J. Edeling

, SAMLA, June 2017

Well paced and informative!

- Robin McBroom

, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

I really benefited a lot from the course and understand a lot more about the procedures of disciplinary, and all the steps.

- Claudia Nesbatt

, Estee Lauder Companies

May 2017

The simplicity of the information provided and demonstrated is what makes the training impactful.

- Lindi Opperman

, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

This course is absolutely amazing! Information is specific, helpful, thorough but still condensed. Super interactive and a definite eye opener.

- Carla Viljoen

, Estee Lauder Companies

May 2017

The course was detailed and has provided me skills to equip me should I find myself being required to initiate or chair a disciplinary enquiry.

- Ronald Naidoo

, Estee Lauder Companies, May 2017

Learner friendly, intensive and informative training.

- Liswi Nduku

, Dept. of Social Development, October 2016

The course was very empowering and gave us an opportunity to know and do more. Gave us insight to what takes place during the Arbitration process.

- Legogang Motshabi

, Dept. of Social Development, October 2016

An interactive and memorable course. Great examples, effective group processes and excellent material. I was left feeling stimulated and empowered with a variety of tools to use in my own job as well as to empower my staff. Outstanding!

- Tracy Laubscher

, Teacher, St. Mary’s DSG Kloof, May 2017

The time flew! At no stage was I looking at my watch. An incredibly useful workshop which will definitely make my life easier.

- Sandy Sagar

, Teacher, Epworth School, May 2017

An extremely valuable course. I like the practical ideas and loved the interaction with like minded people.

- Michelle de Beer

, Teacher, Highbury Preparatory School, May 2017

Excellent course, very valuable, lots of practical tips given that can be used in the classroom. Highly recommended.

- Lara Plotts

, Teacher, Highbury Preparatory School, May 2017

The course provided me with new skills in context with mediation as well as conflict resolution skills to be used personally. Excellent course, well presented and facilitated.

- Alan Cawdry

, Regional Manager Western Cape Card Division

, Nedbank

May 2017

I feel like I have the tools to hone my skills and become an excellent mediator and negotiator. I am sold on the benefits of mediation and feel slightly evangelical about getting people to mediate. A brilliant, well delivered course.

- Anne Green

, Attorney

May 2017

Conflict Dynamics’s training has enabled me to confidently practice as a commercial mediator.

- Serai Herbst

, Executive Director, May 2017

A great opportunity to learn the powerful tools of negotiation through softer skill development.

- Danielle Ladopoulos

, Forensic Accountant

, Fides Financial Advisory

May 2017

Wow! What a wonderful experience. I think my approach to disputes, even life as a whole, may change from here on.

- Clea Rawlins

, Attorney

May 2017

Superb! Informative, fun and highly recommended. I encourage the legal professional to attend the course and promote mediation in South Africa.

- Whitney Maclons

, Attorney, Adriaans Attorneys, May 2017

This course was magnificent. It made me look critically at myself, as a person and a manager, and how I contribute to the wellness of my staff. I definitely see myself as being a better manager, especially in relation to conflicts, that affect my staff and fellow colleagues in my organisation.

- Zane Pienaar

, Transnet Group Capital. April 2017

Recognising that relationships are a currency in any workplace environment, this course is a must.

- Jane Thupana

, Municipal Demarcation Board. April 2017

Very informative and can help anyone who lacks this skill.

- Delegate from

, Boxmore. April 2017

Liz and Felicity are deeply committed to the advancement of women and extremely knowledgeable about the challenges women face. Their balance of seriousness, vulnerability and humour in their training makes it very valuable.

- Amanda Lamond

, Director

, Centre for Integrative Law and WOLELA

Make time for this course!

- Nadine Fourie

, Goodman & Wynn

The course was liberating with powerful life changing tools.

- Maria Georgiou

Empowering for women.

- Adela Bootha


- Sue Peiser

, CEO Peiser Connections

Very interesting and thought provoking.

- Lindiwe Mngomezulu

, Adjudicator for Ombudsman for Banking Service. January 2017

No question was a bad question for Mr Brand. Very helpful course. One that I will be able to use day to day. Very interesting.

- Jaqueline Plantinga

, Adjudicator for Ombudsman for Banking Service. January 2017

Very informative and applicable to my day to day work.

- Johan Brouwer

, Adjudicator for Ombudsman for Banking Service. January 2017

Interesting, dynamic and definitely a game changer.

- Ombudsman for Banking Service

, January 2017